High wear resistance Sleeve Fitted Barrels for conical twin-screw extruder as well as parallel twin-screw extruder is our specialty. We have a special material developed after intensive testing for manufacturing Conical & Parallel Twin Barrels, which are normally divided into three pieces in conical barrel set & two pieces in parallel twin barrel set.

Following mechanical processing each barrel section is treated using a hardening process which operate almost free of distortion.

We utilize our expertise to modify this process i.e. the combination of suitable materials & heat treatment thus achieving optimum results.

This has enabled production of Twin Barrel with approximately twice to thrice the service life of nitrided barrels at just 20% to 25 % addition cost. This renders the economic efficiency factor irrelevant in purchasing decisions.An additional benefit is the extended service like of twin screw extruders with wear resistant barrels can be operated at normal output for a longer period, without incurring through put losses due to wear. Thus production costs are reduced while competitiveness is improved.

Our product range of Twin Sleeve Fitted Barrels is from dia 35 mm to dia 150 mm & maximum length of 1500 mm. Always ask to us to maximize your productivity and your profits with our smart solutions.